I have a substantial background in the real estate market as a retired owner of a real estate mortgage firm in a market much larger than Atlanta, and as a licensed real estate agent. Over the years, my opinion of real estate agents in general has dimmed. Many work part time, as a second job or just a way to get out of the house to make new friends to go to lunch. In essence, the real estate agency profession is ranked as one of the lowest ranked professions by numerous polls, right below lawyers.

That as a background, I purchased my home that was listed exclusively with Jessica in June 2013. My buying experience was tempered by the fact that Jessica was representing the sellers, and did so very well. This was after the fact that I tried to purchase a spec home from Pulte without success.

My personal plans changed dramatically in Feb., 2014 and decided to list my home for sale.

I interviewed 2 agents that lived in Sun City, represented companies that were part of MLS. WOW! After I initiated the contact, I was called 2 days later. In the listing interview, I was told that I should list at a price lower than I anticipated. When I asked for the comparables to base this on, none were produced. I then asked how they would market my home. After a glazed look came over their face, they said the MLS. WOW.

Sun City Peachtree is a unique market. I knew when I bought that I wanted to live there. I rode the area and called about the listing. I knew that the MLS had no added value and that was how they were going to sell my property. I then interviewed Jessica. She brought a list of all the Chestnut Garden homes that had sold as well as what Pulte was selling the same home with the same upgrades. New homes are the competition in Sun City Peachtree. She also had a marketing plan and suggested I list the home over 20K more than the other agents.

She did her homework.

Through her marketing campaign, she contacted a potential buyer whom had shown interest in my floor plan and induced them drive 4 hours to see my home. They bought it! 2 showings and sold. Sold at over what even I was going to list and over 20K what the other agent suggested!

Results is what I paid Jessica for and results is what she produced. She has a compelling business proposition that is unique and tailored for the Sun City Peachtree market. I Highly recommend.

Ken C.