Three years ago we discovered Sun City Peachtree. It intrigued my wife and me but we were not ready for a move. We were fortunate enough to meet Jessica and gain some valuable information should we decide to move to this beautiful community. We found Jess to be a tremendously knowledgable person. I quickly saw she had a passion for helping people and of course selling homes. My wife and I knew we would one day move to SCP and without a doubt, Jess would be our agent.

I called her one day and inquired about the market and she volunteered saying, if you buy a home from me in SCP, I will sell your home in Fayetteville for no commission. I was stunned but the more I thought about it, I reflected that with Jessica, I shouldn’t be surprised she wanted to help. Her offer of no commission saved me $14,000 plus dollars. She then told me what she thought it would sell for and we listed for $30,000 higher than I tried to sell the home for several months prior.

All what I have said to this point is well and good but what about results? We had our first showing hours after Jess listed our home. A few hours later we had our first offer. The following day we had two more showings. We received our second offer and the third person that looked at our home stated, if something happens with the two offers, let me know and I will make an offer. So, our home was on the market, for two days and we had multiple offers. BTW. We accepted the offer and contracted for list price.

We were amazed. Obviously we had to find a home quickly and Jess did another amazing thing. She went to a couple that she thought we would love their home and asked if they wanted to sell? The home wasn’t even for sale, but Jessica, the home owners and we as the buyers found common ground and we bought their home.

No matter if it was a question, wanting to see a home for the third time, had questions about the community or whatever, we always found Jess to have an answer and be available when we needed her.

I was and am Impressed with the things I mentioned above. I am equally impressed with her work ethic. In fact, the Dad in me came out when I would ask her to slow down and rest. These things are good and all important when you are buying and or selling a home.

As mentioned, these things are important but what Impressed me most was this. We found Jessica to be a Godly woman, wife, mother and we now call her friend. Her integrity, her honesty, her diligence, her attention to detail and her caring genuinely for people drew us to her as our agent and friend.

I know this testimony was long but very seldom have I been so Impressed by a professional in any vocation. To that point, I had to brag about Jess as she is one not to blow her own horn. All she does is represent her customers in a manner that struck us well.

Jess sold another one!

Well done and thanks Jess.

Rick and Peg