Above and beyond!

That’s how far Jessica Horton went to help us sell our home in Pike County, Georgia. In March 2010, we purchased our retirement dream home in Sun City Peachtree®. We currently owned a home in Ranchland Estates, one of the more upscale communities in Pike County.

We knew that Pike County was very desirable and thought it wouldn’t be a problem to sell our Pike County home.

We were sadly mistaken.

First, we listed our home with one of the largest local “mom & pop” real estates companies. It was on the market for 159 days without selling.

Then, we listed with one of those big national franchises that’re always bragging about ‘selling more real estate than anyone.’ Our home was on the market over 590 days!

Finally, we heeded the advice of one of our close neighbors and called Jessica Horton. Jessica had successfully sold our neighbors’ home and they had nothing but high praise for her. We asked her if she could repeat the success she’d had in Sun City Peachtree in Pike County.

Much to our delight, Jessica answered, “Yes! I do sell homes in Pike County, Georgia. I’ve actually sold quite a lot of them. And I’ve got a proven track record of moving properties in the upper price range and more distinguished neighborhoods.”
Jessica and her office came in like the marines seizing a building! All her paperwork was neat and organized. We didn’t even have to ask for copies. She made sure we got everything—and then sent us digital versions. Hundreds of photos went up on her website. The For Sale sign went up. The lockbox went up. Bam! Bam! Bam! Jessica handled everything like the true professional she is.

Our showings increased instantly.

Potential buyers presented offers.

Jessica clued us in to everything that was about to happen—and why—and what her opinion was on how to handle it.

She answered her phone.

She returned calls.

She responded to e-mails, and sent us an e-mail update every week or two.

And she dropped off paperwork—in person—when necessary. She even picked it up very late at night when Mel was doing rehabilitation from knee surgery in the hospital.

Jessica really represented our best interests and really looked out for us. Our sale wasn’t worry free. The buyer had used an unlicensed home inspector who compensated by picking at every detail of our twelve-year-old home. Jessica went the extra mile dealing with this difficult situation. She also held the hand of the other realtor, who turned out to be quite inexperienced. And when it came time for the closing, Jessica intuitively knew she would be needed. On the other hand, we never had to worry: Jessica was always there.

Jessica does things very differently than other agents. She marches to the beat of her own drummer. She does things her way. Why? Because her way works. She had our home under contract in about 3 months…when two of the largest local companies couldn’t do it in 750 days! So, Jessica’s way works well—very well.

And the only thing she cares about is selling her clients’ homes—not the home across the street or the home across town. She cares about her listings. And we appreciated that her focus was entirely on us and doing the job we hired her for.

To sum up, Jessica has got guts. She does her job more than fulltime. We can’t say enough about she helped us through what was a trying time. And we are really, really happy we chose her.

Mel & Mary