I found both Sun City Peachtree ® and Jessica Horton the very best way to find anything—through a friend.

I was living on seven acres with no nearby neighbors. Over time I had come to realize that caring for that property was simply too much for me to handle at this stage of my life. So I made the really big decision to start looking around at real estate, and one of my best friends insisted that I look at Sun City Peachtree®. And I met Jessica through this friend.

Over the next couple of months, Jessica and I toured many homes in that community. I found several properties that I liked, but didn’t love. Then, three weeks ago, lightning struck!

I play cards once a week with several ladies who live in Sun City Peachtree®. One day I arranged for Jessica to pick us up after our weekly card game. We all piled into Jessica’s car and took off to see a couple of houses on the market. We looked at six homes that day—and the very last one we walked through was it!

As I toured properties with her, I asked myself how someone as young as Jessica could know all this real estate stuff? I mean, her knowledge of Sun City Peachtree ® is encyclopedic, from every model to every upgrade. The answer I discovered is that Jessica simply loves selling real estate. And her enthusiasm just shows.

Let me be clear. There are two things I like most about Jessica Horton. First, she is incredibly patient. Not pushy at all. Not high pressure. I appreciate that we proceeded at my own pace, as I looked at homes two and three times. Jessica was the antithesis of a sales center rep. She respected my need to think things over and make a decision on my own time—the right decision for me. She clearly had no quota.

Secondly, I totally trust her. And, let me say, this is a unique feeling when somebody is trying to sell you something. There is never an ulterior motive with Jessica. You can take anything she says to the bank. When she says she’ll be there at 9am, she will be there at 9am on the dot. When she says she’ll call you, you can expect that very call. Jessica is 100% about service; whatever she can do for you, she will do for you.

Within a week of discovering the perfect house for me, I had made an offer and it had been accepted. And a most unusual house it is. My chosen home is a prototype home, one of a kind. And it had been owned by an interior decorator. As the icing on the cake, I liked her furnishings so much that I purchased nearly 80% of them.

Also, let me tell you: Jessica doesn’t just walk away after the sale is over. She keeps in touch with me. She has shared dozens of emails with me, a new tidbit every day. She is my little hero.

Yes, I found Jessica and Sun City Peachtree ® the very best way, through a friend. And, along the way, I also found something else—a new friend—Jessica Horton.