We originally listed our home in Sun City Peachtree® with Jessica Horton in the middle of a terrible real estate market. And, despite Jessica’s very proactive approach to marketing and selling homes, the odds were against us. Our home was the biggest floor plan and the most expensive property on the market. . .and we just weren’t having any luck.

Towards the end of our listing agreement, Jessica approached us with the rather novel idea of taking our home out of the MLS completely. Needless to say, we found this approach to be very strange and, even though Jessica laid out a very well-thought-out and detailed rationale for this move, we balked. Because we really wanted to sell our home, it just wasn’t a gamble that we were willing to take. So, when it came time to extend our contract with Jessica, we decided to let it run out instead.

We ended up listing our home with another Realtor(r) who is actually a fellow resident of Sun City Peachtree®. This agent lived very close by and was a member of the MLS. However, this agent didn’t produce any better results. In fact, we were highly disappointed with the agent’s lack of showings.

Then one day—completely out of the blue—we fortuitously received a postcard advertising Jessica’s recent success. Jessica had just sold her 20th home in Sun City Peachtree ® and she was letting everyone in the community—over 600 people!— know about it. We were blown away with how her business had doubled and tripled since making her bold move to break away from the MLS.

Well, needless to say, as soon as our listing agreement ran out with the MLS agent who lived in the community, we decided to give Jessica a second chance.

Boy, are we glad that we did!

Jessica explained how she does business differently. She concentrates on one thing and one thing only: selling the homes that she has listed. Other agents will show their buyers anything and everything. Their listings. Other brokerages’ listings. And, of course, new construction homes. They often don’t care what home they sell. . .as long as they sell something!

Sure, they’d probably like to get paid by selling their own listing, but if the buyer doesn’t want to buy their listing, they can always just sell them something else. And way too often we feel that many of these agents are just down right lazy. Their only idea of selling something is to waltz the buyer straight down to the sales center and let the builder’s people do all the heavy lifting.

That’s not how Jessica works.

Jessica takes a very hands-on approach to selling the homes that she has listed. And even though Jessica isn’t an actual resident of the community, she has enormous insight into all things Sun City Peachtree®. And her knowledge of the floor plans and available upgrades in this over-55 community is incredibly vast.

Jessica has completely immersed herself in the community because she is dedicated to being the best that she can be. She takes ownership of the homes that she has listed, of the community, and of the entire local area. We are here to tell you: Jessica is on her game and much more on top of the active adult market than her run-of-the-mill competition. She makes it her mission to do the best job possible.

Another thing that we really appreciated was the fact that Jessica fully understood that our home in Sun City Peachtree® was not our primary residence. We used it only four months out of the year—it was practically brand new! She communicated this fact to all potential buyers—and, when our home went under contract, we had three different buyers who had viewed it on numerous occasions and had absolutely fallen in love with it.

Jessica created a buzz. Generated a lot of activity. And she provided all the potential buyers with the most up-to-date information possible. And, lo! and behold, we had a FULL PRICE offer in just over 30 days. Without the MLS. Without other agents.

Jessica really presents the story of Sun City Peachtree ® in a way that buyers respond to. She introduces them to the active adult lifestyle enjoyed by the residents. She regales them with stories and local lore. And she lets people know that she genuinely cares about them.

But most of all: when she is turned loose to do her job, she gets the job done for her clients.

Yes, we were very skeptical when Jessica approached us about taking our home off the MLS. But she has made believers out of us! She really does do things a lot differently than other agents. In fact, she is unlike any other real estate agent that we’ve ever met. The difference is like day and night.

And, we’re here to tell you: Jessica’s way of doing business—as odd and strange as it may seem—really pays off for sellers. Big time! Not only did she sell our home, but we saved over $11,000.00 (compared to paying 6% with some other company) with her ‘Fair Commission’ Program.

We are extremely grateful for the way Jessica does business: Differently!

John & Theo