We chose Jessica Horton to handle the sale of our Sun City Peachtree® home, and we could not be more pleased! Her level of experience and expertise is, quite literally, second to none.

Jessica consistently sells more resale homes and is involved in more Sun City® transactions than any other agents in the area. She worked tirelessly for us, bringing us terms and a price that exceeded our expectations. We walked away with a sales price that was $10,000 higher than the price of a nearly identical home located on our very street, which was listed by a different agent. Typically, superior service comes with a “superior” price tag. But Jessica saved us nearly 50% of the commissions charged by other listing agents in our area. Exceptional service at half the price should be Jessica’s company motto – it’s certainly what she is known for.

When purchasing our home, we made the mistake of using a different Realtor who was recommended by the Sun City Peachtree® Sales Center. The difficulties we encountered in that transaction left us a bit nervous about the prospect of working with a real estate professional again. Jessica changed our perspective, and made the sales process not only painless, but enjoyable.

Jessica is honest and factual, without being pushy. She told us what the fair market value of our home was, almost to the penny. At that moment, we decided that the price, even if marketable, was not high enough and we made the choice to list our property at price that exceeded Jess’s suggestion. Because we were not in a hurry, and really preferred to move in December of 2014, there was no significant urgency to “sell fast”. She respectfully honored our thoughts, and placed our house on the market with the higher price.

Needless to say, Jessica was correct; and after approaching her to adjust the price to her original recommendation, she sold our home quickly for the exact price she had suggested. We closed on December 21, 2014, and as I said above, for $10,000 more than our neighbor’s property. The right price at the exactly right time!

Marketing and customer/client service are paramount in real estate. Jessica’s website, beautiful photography, and sales materials are phenomenal. She is quick to answer a phone call or email, and she treats those around her with thoughtful consideration. Selling with Jessica Horton was a completely different experience than purchasing with our original Realtor®. Jessica treated us like family; we walked away knowing that we were more than just a paycheck. And that is priceless.

In totality, we saved approximately $17,000 with Jessica. Talk about a very Merry Christmas! Maybe we’ll indulge in that luxury cruise after all…

Thanks Jess! We love you and what you stand for.

All the best,

Jessie and Russell Hamlet