Before Jessica was my real estate agent?

Before I met Jessica Horton, my home had been on the market for well over 800 days. I had listed it with two of the biggest national real estate franchises as well as with three different realtors®. One of the realtors® was even supposedly “the” salesperson for  Sun City Peachtree ® resales. Nothing happened—all their efforts fizzled.

I had even tried going the For Sale by Owner route. Again, nothing worked.

Then I met Jessica Horton. I had discovered really good things about her on her website. I was most impressed with the number of recent resales that Jessica had racked up.

I was impressed from the outset with Jessica’s energetic efforts to sell my home. She immediately took over 150 pictures of my house and posted them on the web. She also made a really detailed video tour of my home so she could share it with potential buyers. In fact, I was so impressed with Jessica’s work that I shared pointers from her approach with my son who was selling his home in another state!

I believe these two investments—the plentiful photos posted on the web and the effective video—really made the difference between “No Sale” and “Sale.” In fact, Jessica sold my home in only a couple of weeks—and for the full sale price!

Jessica asked me to do several things that made my home more marketable. For example, she asked me to take up all the area rugs on my hardwood floors and tiled sunroom. These floors represented an upgrade which she wanted to bring to the attention of potential buyers.

I always found Jessica to be really good at communicating. Even though she was busy selling homes, she never failed to respond quickly to my emails and phone calls. When I needed to move the closing forward on the calendar, Jessica pushed my request with the buyers and we were able to close in record time.

Jessica doesn’t have hundreds of yard signs advertising her brokerage. Instead, by stint of hard work, she has made herself “the” go-to realtor in Sun City Peachtree®. She knows the community—in and out—better than any other agent. She made all the difference in the world in selling my home. I still can’t believe she sold it in under 30 days—and for the full asking price! All I can say is “Thank you, Jessica!”

Elaine F