Folks, let’s cut to the chase: we bought our home in Sun City Peachtree®  a little over a year ago—and Jessica Horton sold it for more money than we paid. And dealing with her was a pleasure.

Jessica is most familiar with the community of Sun City Peachtree®  and with the price of each of the upgrades. She knows the floor plans and the options. She was able to really break it down and to explain it to the buyers, to show them exactly what was in our home, and, more importantly, what made our home unique.

Jessica makes it her business to be very informed about all the prospects. She didn’t waste our time with buyers who were just looking to look. She screens her prospects; in this case, she narrowed the field to folks who focused on the Tifton Walk home in Sun City Peachtree® ; and she brings only serious people.

We trusted Jessica implicitly when she showed our home. And after each showing, every light was turned off, every door was locked. When we were out of the country, she was even there for our home inspection, which took several hours.

We believe that Jessica’s real estate website is one of the very best we’ve seen—easy to navigate and very informative. She took over 175 photos, photos that told the story of our home. She documented every square inch of our Tifton Walk residence. In fact, Jessica knows more about our house than we do!

We found that Jessica is very punctual about getting information back to you. She always has her iPad with her. And she took minutes to update us, not days. Whenever a prospect asked a question, she immediately got back to them with the answer. In fact, you would think Jessica lived in Sun City Peachtree®!

We believe you could not ask for a more caring person than Jessica to represent you in selling your home. She always goes out of her way to help—she goes above and beyond.

For us, Jessica stepped up to the plate and delivered 120%. We believe she is the only person who can get this job done. When you choose Jessica, we are here to tell you: you’ll have no regrets!

Barry & Rich