Hi Everyone!

Jessica-Hortons-Featured-Sun-City-Peachtree-HomesHope you’re doing well and getting ready to enjoy a wonderful holiday season. Well, believe it or not: despite the chill creeping in… the market is still very active. In fact, I was out past 7:00 PM last night showing homes! Due to the fact that many people want to be in a new home before the holidays… there’s a last minute surge.

Well, If you’re interested in keeping up with what is going on… I’ve compiled the latest stats for the community. Not sure if this sort of thing will interest you, but I’m a bit of a stats junkie myself. Why? Simply because: the numbers don’t lie. Kinda hard to argue with them.

Sun City Peachtree ® Real Estate Market Report

Please Note: Unless otherwise indicated: All data is pulled directly from public records and will be made available upon request. Also, ‘YTD” = From January 01, 2013 – September 30, 2013 (October won’t be completely out until mid November – Early December).

YTD: 92 Homes have sold in Sun City Peachtree®. Now, when I say ‘sold’, I mean: escrow has been closed; the deed (from seller to buyer) has been transferred; and keys to the property have been given. ‘Sold’ means: Sold. ‘Sold’ does not mean: ‘Under Contract’.

Of these 92 Homes that have sold in Sun City Peachtree ® YTD, 66 have been new construction homes (sold by the builder) and the other 26 were ‘resale’ homes (That’s 28% of the market!).

23 of the ‘resale’ homes that have sold in Sun City Peachtree ® YTD were ‘listed’ with a real estate company. I (Jessica Horton) sold 16 of those 23 homes (approx. 70.0%). The next agent with the most resale homes has sold three (3) ‘resale’ homes YTD. That means: when it comes to ‘resale’ homes in the community: I outsell my closest ‘competitor’ 5 to 1! And I outsell my 3 closest competitors (all of whom work at the same real estate company) 4 to 1.


It should also be noted: my sellers—in Sun City Peachtree®—have saved over $220,000.00 (total) in real estate commissions (compared to paying a more traditional 6% rate that some companies may charge). That’s enough savings to purchase a Magnolia collection home! It’s YOUR MONEY… I help you keep it. Always have. Always will.


Of the 92 Homes that have sold in Sun City Peachtree ® YTD, 26 were Azalea Collection Homes; 42 were Dogwood Collection Homes; and 24 were Magnolia Collection Homes.

Of the 26 ‘resale’ homes that have sold in Sun City Peachtree ® YTD, 11 were Azalea Collection Homes (I sold 6 of the 11); 8 were Dogwood Collection Homes (I sold 4 of the 8); and 7 were Magnolia Collection Homes(I sold 6 of the 7).

Of the 92 Homes that have sold in Sun City Peachtree ® YTD, the most popular plans (by collection are):

Azalea Collection: The Gray Myst with 16 sold YTD (6 were ‘resale’ homes)

Dogwood Collection: The Willow Bend & Surrey Crest with 9–of each model– sold YTD (3 TOTAL were resales)

Magnolia Collection: The Dunwoody Way & Chestnut Garden with 6 of each model sold YTD (3 TOTAL were resales).

This is just a small teaser!

In the coming weeks… we will be compiling a lot more data and issuing numerous reports!

In closing, I thank each and every one of you for: helping me continue to be the #1 resale agent in the community. From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!

Yours truly,

Jessica Horton