Sun-City-Peachtree-Sold-Home-By-Jessica-Horton-306-Whispering-PinesHi Everyone!

Okay… Okay… Mercy! I give! Yes, I admit it… I’m running behind on getting my market reports up. I am. But in all fairness: I’ve been busy making and baking—and delivering!–goodies for my clients and customers! It’s an annual year-end holiday tradition. I do it every year.

So… If you haven’t seen me yet… I’m coming! I really am. Several brief stops have turned into wonderful prolonged visits! It’s absolutely amazing what all y’all done to your homes! Beautiful!

Anyway… here’s the latest new construction building permit info.

New Construction Homes (Building Permits) issued for Sun City Peachtree ® in 2013:

January 2013: 5
February 2013 : 4
March 2013: 11
April 2013 : 5
May 2013: 12
June 2013: 7
July 2013: 11
August 2013 : 13
September 2013: 6
October 2013: 10
November 2013: 4
December: TBD

Total: 88 New Homes Started in 2013 (as of November).

I will have December up shortly. Just waiting for the final tabulations.