“It’s not a question of whether or not your home in Sun City Peachtree will sell. It’s going to sell. It’s a question of how much you’re going to pay to do it. I get results. I save you more money.” – Jessica Horton

Jessica Horton will help you sell your home for more than your neighbor next door and charge you way less money to do it.

Sun City Peachtree currently has a shortage of resale homes (compared to last year) and prices are steadily rising. So, with the current hot market and Jessica’s low listing fee… you’re going to walk away with a lot more of your hard-earned money. Jessica is an extremely experienced and capable real estate agent that specializes in the community. In fact, Jessica has sold over 100+ homes inside Sun City Peachtree and has saved homeowners over $600,000 in real estate commissions (compared to paying 6%).