Rick & Peg

Three years ago we discovered Sun City Peachtree. It intrigued my wife and me but we were not ready for a move. We were fortunate enough to meet Jessica and gain some valuable information should we decide to move to this beautiful community. We found Jess to be a tremendously knowledgable person. I quickly saw she had a passion for helping people and of course selling homes. My wife and I knew we would one day move to SCP and without a doubt, Jess would be our agent.

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Roger & Barbara,

Choosing a real estate professional to handle something as important as purchasing or selling a home can be overwhelming. You want someone who is honest, determined and successful. Don’t waste another moment and please save yourselves frustration by selecting agent Jessica Horton.

Jessica’s website is an impressive marketing tool, full of photographs, videos and detailed write-ups. She makes sure that your listing shines online! Our home was perfectly showcased in Jess’s social media outlets.

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Jessie & Russell

We chose Jessica Horton to handle the sale of our Sun City Peachtree® home, and we could not be more pleased! Her level of experience and expertise is, quite literally, second to none.

Jessica consistently sells more resale homes and is involved in more Sun City® transactions than any other agents in the area. She worked tirelessly for us, bringing us terms and a price that exceeded our expectations. We walked away with a sales price that was $10,000 higher than the price of a nearly identical home located on our very street, which was listed by a different agent.

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Betty & Dot

We bought a resale home through Jessica Horton. When we made the trip from Maryland to Griffin to see the community in Sun City Peachtree, Jessica set aside time to show us several homes. She made sure that she had the time to devote all her attention to us thoroughly answering questions we had. We never felt rushed. When we decided on a home Jessica was there every step of the way.

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Jessica is very professional and her knowledge of Real Estate is the highest I’ve ever seen. She not only goes above and beyond for her client, she is a very caring and dedicated individual. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to sell there house. You couldn’t do better in a Real Estate Agent! Shirley…

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Jim & Prudy

To Whom It May Concern:

Jessica Horton and Associates, Inc. is the quintessential real estate brokerage firm in the greater Spalding County area and beyond, including Sun City Peachtree(r). Jessica Horton, owner and broker, is the personification of professionalism; tempering her commitment to excellence with integrity and compassion for her clients, both sellers and buyers.

Recent personal attacks directed toward Jessica to the contrary not withstanding, it has been our experience that Jessica has done an exemplary job of representing our interests and our home

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Dick & Suzanne

Jessica does an amazing job helping even those who are not her clients. We bought a resale through her, and she did everything in her power to help us even though she was the seller’s agent. She went out of her way to be responsive to our questions and any dealings with the owners. Great…

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Bill & Carol,

We were first drawn to Jessica Horton by her many ‘Under Contract’ and ‘Sold’ signs in the community. But what clinched our choice of Jessica as our real estate broker was our first meeting. Let us explain.

In our lifetime we have bought and sold over 20 homes, so we have had plenty of experience with Realtors(r). We found Jessica to be very different—in fact, quite unique. At our first meeting, she answered every question we asked. In short, we really connected with her.

We have had the best experience with Jessica that we have ever had with a real estate professional. Without fail, she always does what she says she’s doing to do. We particularly admire the way she runs her business.

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I have a substantial background in the real estate market as a retired owner of a real estate mortgage firm in a market much larger than Atlanta, and as a licensed real estate agent. Over the years, my opinion of real estate agents in general has dimmed. Many work part time, as a second job or just a way to get out of the house to make new friends to go to lunch. In essence, the real estate agency profession is ranked as one of the lowest ranked professions by numerous polls, right below lawyers.

That as a background, I purchased my home that was listed exclusively with Jessica in June 2013. My buying experience was tempered by the fact that Jessica was representing the sellers, and did so very well. This was after the fact that I tried to purchase a spec home from Pulte without success.

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Vic & Gail

Over the years, we’ve bought and lived in 8 different homes. Jessica sold home number 7 and helped us negotiate home number 8. She is easily the best agent we have ever dealt with. She is a wonderful person too. Her enthusiasm and drive to serve her clients is unmatched.

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Bob & Fran

Jessica is one heck of a match maker! She is one of the most honest, diligent, and productive agents to get results. My personal case in point. I used her services to sell my house in Sun City Peachtree. It was sold within couple weeks of listing at a great price! She is a great…

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John & Theo

We originally listed our home in Sun City Peachtree® with Jessica Horton in the middle of a terrible real estate market. And, despite Jessica’s very proactive approach to marketing and selling homes, the odds were against us. Our home was the biggest floor plan and the most expensive property on the market. . .and we just weren’t having any luck.

Towards the end of our listing agreement, Jessica approached us with the rather novel idea of taking our home out of the MLS completely. Needless to say, we found this approach to be very strange and, even though Jessica laid out a very well-thought-out and detailed rationale for this move, we balked. Because we really wanted to sell our home, it just wasn’t a gamble that we were willing to take. So, when it came time to extend our contract with Jessica, we decided to let it run out instead.

We ended up listing our home with another Realtor(r) who is actually a fellow resident of Sun City Peachtree®. This agent lived very close by and was a member of the MLS. However, this agent didn’t produce any better results. In fact, we were highly disappointed with the agent’s lack of showings.

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Walter & Rhoda

We are both big-time tennis buffs and were drawn to Sun City Peachtree® because we enjoy an active lifestyle. When we sold our home and were downsizing, we packed up our tennis gear and availed ourselves of Sun City Peachtree’s® 3 day/2 night vacation package. This offering gave us a chance to explore all the community’s many amenities. And staying in a real home allowed us to familiarize ourselves with the quality that was available.

We joined right in, trying out the tennis courts and being introduced to bocce ball and pickle ball. The residents were so warm and welcoming. Whether we were courtside or in the restaurant at the golf club, they made it a point to speak to us and to answer our questions. These folks made us feel right at home. And so we made up our minds that Sun City Peachtree ® was the place for us.

We met Jessica Horton when she was the agent for the first [resale] home we were interested in. Although she was clearly representing the seller, we were very impressed with how fairly and honestly she treated us. To Jessica, doing it the right way—by all involved parties—was very important. And we are certainly grateful for that.

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Chuck & Patty

Over the past eight years we visited at least 15 retirement communities in Florida and one in Georgia, gathering information for choosing a location for our retirement home. We were drawn to Sun City Peachtree®in Georgia because of the change of seasons and the rolling topography. We were also attracted to the amenities Sun City Peachtree® offers. Many of our hobbies and interests like golf, bridge, quilting, painting and photography are offered by Sun City Peachtree®. We felt that these gatherings would provide not only a chance to practice our hobbies, but also an opportunity to make new friends.

Sun City Peachtree’s® proximity to I-75 was a strong incentive for our settling here too. We’re a long way from our home in Indiana, so we look forward to entertaining visitors traveling down the interstate. And Atlanta’s airport is also easy to get to as well as many happenings in the city. Here in Sun City Peachtree ® we can live in the country while still enjoying big city activities.

We originally planned on building a new home, but decided to look at existing homes at Sun City Peachtree ® before making the commitment. When we did we found Jessica Horton! Her name was everywhere.

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Tom & Nancy,

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball.

It certainly threw us one.

The effort to sell our home in Sun City Peachtree® had started out in routine fashion; Although we had listed with an agent out of Atlanta-it was Jessica Horton who showed our home numerous times while that listing was in effect. When that contract expired, we contacted Jessica based on our observation of her success in selling homes in Sun City Peachtree®. After listing with Jessica, she showed our home a number of times in just over 45 days and we felt confident in the outstanding job she was doing in marketing our home.

Then life threw us a big curve ball!

As Nancy was crossing the street as a pedestrian she was struck by a car,

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Mitch & Paula

When Jessica Horton met with us to discuss handling the sale of our home, the first thing she told us was that we had paid too much for the house. So, from the very start, we were introduced to Jessica’s candor—and to her commitment to selling our home. From that moment on, we liked her truthfulness and the way she does business.

We were drawn to Jessica by her signs which abound in Sun City Peachtree®. Nobody—and we mean nobody—knows the ins and outs, the pluses and minuses, of Sun City Peachtree ® the way Jessica does! 

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I loved my first home in Sun City Peachtree®. I love the amenities, the low maintenance yard care, the safe environment. It’s a beautiful complex where they’ve thought of everything for retirement.

The only thing my first home didn’t have was a large unfinished basement. So it was actually my seven grandchildren who led me to Jessica Horton. I was hunting for a bigger home with space for all the little ones to come visit Grandma in comfort.

When I discovered a house in Sun City Peachtree ® that was on the market and that had just such a basement, Jessica’s For Sale sign was right outside. We talked about the property and then toured it—and I could tell it was just the home for me.

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I found both Sun City Peachtree ® and Jessica Horton the very best way to find anything—through a friend.

I was living on seven acres with no nearby neighbors. Over time I had come to realize that caring for that property was simply too much for me to handle at this stage of my life. So I made the really big decision to start looking around at real estate, and one of my best friends insisted that I look at Sun City Peachtree®. And I met Jessica through this friend.

Over the next couple of months, Jessica and I toured many homes in that community. I found several properties that I liked, but didn’t love. Then, three weeks ago, lightning struck!

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Danny & Elaine,

My husband and I first discovered Sun City Peachtree ® through my mother, who owns a home there. We were already interested in the Griffin area because my grandmother lives there and our sons live in Atlanta. So, when we knew we would be retiring later this year, and because of the many entertainments and activities my mom enjoys in Sun City Peachtree, that community held many attractions for us.

One night I went searching on the internet, and Jessica Horton’s website was the very first one that came up. I was immediately interested because her website had all the information I was looking for: pictures, lots of pictures; thorough descriptions of the homes for sale; and important details like prices and addresses.

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Mel & Mary,

Above and beyond!

That’s how far Jessica Horton went to help us sell our home in Pike County, Georgia. In March 2010, we purchased our retirement dream home in Sun City Peachtree®. We currently owned a home in Ranchland Estates, one of the more upscale communities in Pike County.

We knew that Pike County was very desirable and thought it wouldn’t be a problem to sell our Pike County home.

We were sadly mistaken.

First, we listed our home with one of the largest local “mom & pop” real estates companies. It was on the market for 159 days without selling.

Then, we listed with one of those big national franchises that’re always bragging about ‘selling more real estate than anyone.’ Our home was on the market over 590 days!

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Phil & Sandy

Phil and I consider Jessica the best real estate agent we could have hoped for. My mother owned a home in Sun City Peachtree but after a stroke and fall she could no longer live in her home. We listed with Jessica because of her reputation and outstanding commission program. It was at the lowest…

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Ken & Vicki,

Absolutely fabulous!

That’s what we think about Jessica Horton. We found ourselves in a most unusual situation—and Jessica led us down the right path to successfully selling our home.

After our son joined the Air Force, we no longer needed our 2,514SF home in Sun City Peachtree®. We had our eyes on another home with a smaller floor plan in the same community, but the first realtor we used generated very little traffic. He also lived several counties away. And he didn’t really know the Sun City Peachtree ® community. In the end, we lost the opportunity to buy that particular home.

Jessica caught our eye when she sold that first home we were interested in (Our house! The house we wanted to buy!). And then we really took notice of the number of other homes she was selling in Sun City Peachtree®. We wanted to sell our home. So we approached her.

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Barry & Rich,

Folks, let’s cut to the chase: we bought our home in Sun City Peachtree®  a little over a year ago—and Jessica Horton sold it for more money than we paid. And dealing with her was a pleasure.

Jessica is most familiar with the community of Sun City Peachtree®  and with the price of each of the upgrades. She knows the floor plans and the options. She was able to really break it down and to explain it to the buyers, to show them exactly what was in our home, and, more importantly, what made our home unique.

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Jessica Horton entered our lives on July 27th , 2012. On that day we were packing up my parents’ home in Sun City Peachtree®. I was moving them into assisted living; the situation was devastating. When we checked their mail that day, there was a business postcard from Jessica. Little did we know it would be an answer to prayer.

I was responsible for everything regarding my parents. Most of all, I was responsible for selling their home. I had written on my prayer list that we had to sell the home, close on it, nd be totally done with it by December 1 st . As it turned out, we listed my parents’ home with Jessica on July 28 th and had a contract on it September 7 th . In spite of this economy, the transaction took only 45 days. Jessica was just incredible!

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Before Jessica was my real estate agent?

Before I met Jessica Horton, my home had been on the market for well over 800 days. I had listed it with two of the biggest national real estate franchises as well as with three different realtors®. One of the realtors® was even supposedly “the” salesperson for  Sun City Peachtree ® resales. Nothing happened—all their efforts fizzled.

I had even tried going the For Sale by Owner route. Again, nothing worked.

Then I met Jessica Horton. I had discovered really good things about her on her website. I was most impressed with the number of recent resales that Jessica had racked up.

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