Know about market updates

Tom & Nancy,

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball.

It certainly threw us one.

The effort to sell our home in Sun City Peachtree® had started out in routine fashion; Although we had listed with an agent out of Atlanta-it was Jessica Horton who showed our home numerous times while that listing was in effect. When that contract expired, we contacted Jessica based on our observation of her success in selling homes in Sun City Peachtree®. After listing with Jessica, she showed our home a number of times in just over 45 days and we felt confident in the outstanding job she was doing in marketing our home.

Then life threw us a big curve ball!

As Nancy was crossing the street as a pedestrian she was struck by a car, sustaining injuries that required her to be airlifted to a Level one Trauma center in Atlanta. Our first priority became Nancy’s survival and recovery. At that point, selling our home was the last thing on our minds. Although she was released to come home, Nancy was in no shape to maintain our home for viewings.

Jessica was incredibly gracious and kind during this challenging episode.

Slowly but surely Nancy progressed in her recovery and today she is a walking miracle, a real survivor!

Once Nancy had recuperated, we turned to Jessica again to help us sell our home. She immediately mined her extensive database of folks who had looked at our home previously. Jessica has been extremely diligent in working with us in all aspects. She is very knowledgeable about real estate in general and about Sun City Peachtree ® in particular. There are a myriad of rules concerning living in an over fifty-five community and belonging to a Homeowners Association and Jessica is familiar with each and every one!

Jessica has been extremely conscientious in marketing our home; for example she took over a hundred photographs of our property for her website, far more than we anticipated. She has kept us updated on progress of all details of our home sale and promptly returned each phone call and email. And, best of all, in just a few short weeks our home was under contract!

Potential clients need to know that Jessica’s energy level is beyond a 10! She doesn’t wait around for something to happen, she makes it happen! She keeps the ball rolling, with a non- stop focus on the sale of our home. Jessica should bottle and sell her enthusiasm.

In closing, we can say that we are grateful for two things: first, for Nancy’s full return to good health, and second, for Jessica’s persistent efforts in selling our home and saving us a great deal of money! As we reflect on all that has happened we hope Jessica Horton continues to enjoy the success she has had in selling homes like ours!

Tom & Nancy