Selling Your Sun City Peachtree® Resale

Exceptional Service. About Half the Price.

Jessica Horton's saves her clients THOUSANDS in real estate commissions.

Breaking News! August 2016:  Jessica Horton’s average selling price [resale] in 2016 is $261,907.00. Compared to the community average of: $242,445.00 (the average for all other agents). What does this mean to you? Jessica Horton sells her homes–on average–for $19,462.00 more.Not to mention: Jess does it for LESS THAN HALF of what other agents charge in commission. And best of all:  NO UPFRONT FEES ARE REQUIRED!!!


The only thing you have to lose is: YOUR hard-earned money!

Selling Your Sun City Peachtree® Resale

Sell for $19,000.00 more

Jessica Horton’s clients sold for more money on average, compared to other brokerages. Jessica’s average selling price [resale] in 2016 is: $261,907.00. Compared to: $242,445.00 being the community [resale] average. That’s $19,462.00 more per home–on average–that she gets for her clients

Exceptional Service. Half The Price.

With Jessica Horton’s innovative listing programs you pay as little as 1.5% listing fee (compared to the 5 – 6% that other agents often charge).

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Sell Your Home For More Money

Jessica Horton’s listings sell at higher list price / sales price ratio than many of the other local brokerages.

Sell Your Home in Less Time

Jessica’s sellers who listen to her expert pricing guidelines sell about 18 days quicker than the MLS average.

Sell Your Home For Less Commission

Jessica Horton has saved smart and savvy home owners over $420,000.00* in real estate commissions–compared to paying 6% (That’s still over $280,000.00–in savings–compared to 5%!)–with her innovative and consumer-friendly home selling program.

Jessica Horton Sells Sun City Peachtree Resales:

Results Matter. Jessica has a proven track record for selling homes in the community.

Jessica Horton Introduces Trailblazing Technology – The 3-Dimensional Camera

Jessica Horton, owner of Jessica Horton & Associates Real Estate Company, debuts the area’s only 3D camera, allowing her buyers and sellers to benefit from the latest technology to hit the real estate industry in years. Mrs. Horton has consistently remained ahead of the curve in recent times, offering both personal websites and virtual tours before other local real estate agents followed suit; the Matterport camera system is just the latest addition to her “technology toolbox”.

This cutting-edge device is revolutionizing the sales process, winning awards and garnering accolades. It allows potential buyers to “visit” homes with an almost holographic experience through their computers and laptops. As they turn corners and round bends, the home being viewed on the screen is actually experienced, rather than merely seen. The Matterport system brings the homes to life.

Yes! I want my home marketed with the latest cutting-edge technology.

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Questions that Jessica Horton is frequently asked by home sellers:

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"Jessica, I've heard that you're not a member of the MLS, is this true?"

This is not true. Yes, I am a member of the MLS. However, I give my clients the choice about whether or not they decide to list their homes in the MLS.

"Jessica, isn't it impossible to sell homes without the MLS?

I’ve sold right at 80 resale homes in the community. 95% of them didn’t involve the MLS.  The MLS is an agreement that takes care of agents. I’m here to take care of you.

How much money can I expect to save?

On average: my sellers save about $7,200.00 when listing their home with my ‘Fair Commission’ program. This saving is based on not paying 6%.

Do you charge to show buyers my home?

No. I’ve heard that I charge sellers $50.00 – $250.00 (per home) to show their home to potential buyers. I do not charge sellers (nor do I charge buyers) to show homes.

Do I have to pay any additional money to renew my contract?

No. You are never charged to renew (extend) your listing agreement with Jessica Horton & Associates.

Will other agents be allowed to show my home?

It depends on how you decide to your list home. If you decide to go in the MLS… yes, other agents will show your home. If you decide to go with a more exclusive arrangement… no, other agents will not typically show your home. However, there have been several times when the buyer has elected to pay for their own agent to represent them.

If I go the Non-MLS route, may I later decide to go in the MLS?

Yes. However, you will have to offer additional compensation to the selling brokerage. This compensation usually runs about 2.5 – 3.5% of the selling price.

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